Friday, 30 June 2017

SEO for Lawyers: Getting Started

What is SEO for lawyers?

Within online marketing and specifically for the positioning, there are numerous factors that we can group in what we call SEO (in our case SEO for lawyers), which is nothing more than the set of elements that adding them all will enable you to better position your article.

Within SEO we can distinguish the SEO On page and the SEO Off page. The latter is the grouping of that set of factors that have to do with the activities that we do on the page that we want to position, such as the strategy of link building. However, SEO On page will group those activities that aim to optimize the content of the article that we want to position considering what Google values most. Of course, in any case, we can not lose sight of our reader, who is, ultimately, to whom our article is addressed.
In any case, both strategies seek to attract organic traffic from Google, that is, quality traffic that has a problem that we can respond.
Equally thanks to our content we will make our reader stay on our website as long as possible, this being a variable that Google will value much to give us a determining value in our positioning.


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